Areas of Expertise

Buildings and Special Structures

Bright Engineering has accomplished many major successes in designing Long Span Structures, Industrial Buildings, Parking Structures, Office and Commercial Buildings, Institutional Buildings, Marine and Construction Structures. We also provide field surveillance and design assistance during construction.

Bridge and Transit

We work with multiple municipalities and transit agencies to help improve transportation in the northwest region of the United States. This includes Bridge and Transit, Cut and Cover Tunnels, Rail and Transit structures, and Noise Walls. Our experience includes structural analysis and design, design review, load capacity and serviceability rating, as well as providing field surveillance and design assistance during construction.

Pipeline, Water and Wastewater

This expertise includes Pump Stations, Outfall Pipelines and Structures, Utility Bridges, Water Tanks and Storage Reservoirs, Wastewater Treatment Facility Structures, and Water Treatment Structures. Our experience includes engineering design and construction assistance for over 50 water and wastewater pump stations, including sheeting excavation, and Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) access shafts.

Foundation and Retaining Walls

From site development to highway road projects, our expertise covers the design of foundations and retaining walls, tunnels underground structures, permanent and temporary support of excavation, cassion and deep foundations, landslide repair, slope and rock stabilization, TBM access shafts and shoring walls.

Sports and Recreational Facilities

Top professional and college sports teams play in facilities designed in whole or in part by Bright Engineering. Our experience in Athletic/Recreational Facilities, Stadiums and Gymnasiums includes projects such as the CenturyLink Field (formerly Seattle Seahawk Stadium/Qwest Field) in downtown Seattle and the Washington State University Recreational Center in Pullman, WA.


Bright Engineering cares about the world around us and takes pride in doing projects that preserve the environment and natural resources throughout the growth of modern development. Our work includes Solid Waste Facilities, Resource Recovery Facilities, Flow Control Structures, Habitat Rehabilitation Structures, Barrier Walls, and Underground Tanks.

Inspections and Upgrades

Here on the West Coast, we see our share of earthquakes, landslides and other natural disasters that can cause significant damaging effects on the structural integrity of many structures. Bright Engineering has conducted many inspections on public and private sector buildings and structures and has provided suggestions and design upgrade options for buildings to mitigate damage in the future. In addition, Bright Engineering has directed and conducted investigations to determine the nature and cause of structural failures, prepared evaluation and damage assessment reports on a number of buildings and structures for insurance and municipal clients.